Engineering Construction Operation document control system

Control your projects

Edman is the information managing system your whole team will love to use. Simplify your document and project management. Complete inspection and commissioning reports easily.

Among our customers and partners

Find your information quickly

Collect, classify and search easily all your documents. Access information instantly.

Increase your team productivity

Upgrade your colleagues’ indecency in finding information. Quickly answer their questions.

Deliver quality project on time

Plan faster. Follow your project's progression efficiently. Connect and mobilize your team for your tasks.

Manage the 3 phases of your projects on a single platform

Automate your engineering, construction, and operation processes. Search your documents easily and save time with the Edman collaborative platform.


Optimal information management

According to our users, Edman is “THE easiest way to classify and find your plans and documents”

Centralize information

Provide instant access to information for engineering, construction, and maintenance teams.

Classify and search quickly

Edman platform stands out by its automatic classification of information and its simple and innovative searches.

Information reported and delivered

Always use the most recent versions of documents.

Secure data access

Securely consult your documents anytime and from anywhere with cloud storage.

Liked and used by all your team

Navigate in the platform intuitively and share technical documents and plans instantly.

Project lifecycle management

Gather all the information needed for design, construction, and maintenance within one platform.

Document management specialist

Organize effectively and deliver a large amount of information and documents from different stakeholders.

Project manager, engineer

Facilitate your time and task management. Follow your project progress. Always use the latest versions of documents.

Supply manager

Standardize and automate a set of tasks from preparing to closing a tender. Ensure a transparent process.

Save time on every task today

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