Connect your teams.
Increase their efficiency.

Document management

Save hours of organizing and finding information

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Asset management

Operate and repair optimally your equipments and instruments

With Edman's solution, organize all your equipment with their maintenance, purchase and user documents
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Use a transparent and efficient tendering process

Significantly reduce your time building and operating tender documents with our supplying module. Provide the same information to every tenderer.
Bid management
Pre-assembled model
Centralization of addenda, questions and answers

Prepare your call for tender

  • Structure and documents
  • Supplier invitations

Launch the request for proposal

  • Question / answer
  • Create addenda as needed

Closing and evaluation of tenderers

  • Open the offers
  • Comparative analysis

Choice of the provider and contracting

  • Define the winner
  • Join the purchase order

Project management solution

Mobilize and increase team productivity

Connect every teams on the same tool. Answer quickly their questions. Plan optimally their tasks.
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Forms and reports

Collaborate effectively and diversify sources of information

With the [Ed|form] solution, help your team to communicate easily and simply share documents, photos, videos, interactive reports.

Frequently asked questions

Any questions ? We have the answers. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us.
Those who integrate the Edman platform to facilitate their operations are as much engineering firms as owners and operators of sites or factories.
Edman is the simplest and fastest implementation platform. Everything is already available and assembled to facilitate applying each of your processes. Although there are countless ways to organize and classify your documents, it is very easy for everyone to find what they want. Finally, our team is attentive to your needs and is always available and proactive in the development of personalized features.
The platform is cloud-based on state-of-the-art Azure servers covered by the best security standards in the industry. Your data is backed up on geo-redundant servers with automatic backup.
Already working with the largest engineering firms, we are fortunate to have document management specialists among our users who will be able to carry out the integration or simply assist your teams. The Triphased team is always available for training, support and the integration of new features.